Learning about available courses of action is the first step towards long-term wellbeing. The information found on this section of the website will equip you with evidence to plan a path best suited to your particular needs. Once you have acquired the knowledge found in this section, we encourage you to visit our Take Action page to locate the resources that will support your journey towards health and well-being.

On this section of the website you will find:

An Integrative Oncology Overview

Essential information about conventional cancer treatments, conmplementary therapies, and lifestyle counseling to improve health and well-being.

Therapeutics Glossary

A Smart Survivor's Guide

Explore the meaning of survivorship, survivorship planning best practices, and survivor community communication forums.

Treatment Decision Guides for Living Well

Learn about the evidence supporting the use of various integrative therapy modalities by people affected by cancer. These decision guides will help you choose appropriate therapies that can address your issues and symptoms.

Cancer Overviews

Symptom Management Guides

Professional Education Events

Community Education Events