Take Action

Taking Action is the ultimate step towards long term well-being for those touched by cancer. Taking action must be purposeful, that is, based on individual values and preferences, self-awareness, and evidence. Our Learn page can equip you with the necessary tools to plan a course of action that is best suited to your particular needs and preferences. Once you have established your needs and preferences through learning and discovery, the directories on this section of the website will aid in matching you with programs, providers and services that will enable you to begin or continue your journey towards wellbeing. 

On this section of the website you will find listings of: 

Integrative Therapy Providers

Contact and business information for credible integrative therapists practicing modalities recognized by Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Support Groups

Cancer support groups in the Tucson, Pheonix, and Las Vegas areas


A variety of integrative therapy and educational classes appropriate for cancer survivors

Community Resources

Local, national, and international resources that aid in all aspects of survivorship during and after a cancer diagnoses

Counseling Agencies

Counselor Directory

Reliable counselors who have experience meeting the particular needs of the survivor community

Research Studies

Cancer research studies for which you may qualify